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The Concept Design Framework

The Concept Design Framework

Our Concept Design Framework is your guarantee for a sustainable and thorough pre-production.


By going through your design documents, mood boards and prototypes, we execute workshops and interviews with you and key team members, and develop ideas, concept art and game design that fits your vision, providing you with a direction for your production.

Throughout our site, you will find the icons below, indicating which part of our services we used during each step of a project.

Concept Art - The Concept Design Framework

Concept Art

Mood, shapes and functions of the world in the game.

By developing concept art to visualize key concepts and ideas and making them easy to understand, you can quickly communicate the direction of the game to your team.

Game Design - The Concept Design Framework

Game Design

Structure, rules and interactions between the players and the game.

By helping you define your core loops, players promises and overall rules for the game we provide a clear structure that gives your game direction and makes future design challenges easier to solve

Creative Brief - The Concept Design Framework

Creative Brief

Visual summary of the developed designs and concepts.

Collecting everything we create in a simple package, makes the concept designs easy to navigate in and return to later. The ideas we have worked through will be visualized and documented, from our initial talks to the final concepts.

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