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Going to Game Developers Conference 16-20th of march? - Meet us and chat about worldbuilding / concept art / pre-viz / prototyping for games - we do it all!

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Read in-depth articles about our latest  projects and cases at Vizlab Studios within preproduction, game development and concept art industry down below.


Late 2019 we were set a difficult challenge; to create a high end animated video in a very short time. The job was …

Rofn 2 Splashscreen

Real or Fake News 2.0

Real or fake news 2.0 During 2019 we at Vizlab Studios had the pleasure of producing the follow up to our learning experience Real …

Toxin Arena: Zombieshooter VR

Vizlab Studios own IP, Toxin Arena: Zombieshooter VR, is an adrenaline fueled and fast-paced VR Zombie-Shooting arcade game. In the fall of 2018, …

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