About the studio

Vizlab studios - Your preproduction partner

Vizlab Studios is  all about Pre-Production. No matter what idea you have for your game, or if you even have an idea, we will help you develop that into a useful concept.

We use a design-minded approach, using elements from Design Thinking and Design Sprinting, and combining it all in our own methodology, the Concept Design Framework. This ensures that you will get everything you need to take your game into production, with a solid foundation. 

About the studio

The History of Vizlab Studios

Vizlab Studios was founded by Andreas Husballe in 2014.

Back then the studio was named Blastline, and served as Andreas´ freelance company. In 2017 it was renamed and reformed to Vizlab Studios with Jannick Hynding Lund coming onboard.

The duo made breakthroughs within the both private and public institutions and made award-winning Virtual Reality experience; Real or Fake News for the Danish public school system. 

Since then the studio has been expanded, rebranded, and reworked – resulting in what you see now. 

Vizlab Studios is located in Viborg, Denmark, right next to the renowned Animation Workshop, and has close ties to the school, where Andreas lectures the talents of tomorrow from time to time.

The Studio Members

Andreas Husballe

Andreas Husballe

Graduated BA in Character Animation from the Animation Workshop in 2011, Andreas has worked professionally with concept art for 9 years. Co-owner and founder of Vizlab Studios.

Jannick Hynding Lund

Jannick Petersen

Graduated from the IT University in Copenhagen in 2015 with a Masters Degree in Game Design. As co-owner of Vizlab Studios, he manages projects, clients and game design

Jeppe Lindrup Mygh

Jeppe Mygh

Graduated Multimedia Designer from UCL in 2019, Jeppe serves as Vizlab’s part-time  graphic & web designer,  and junior artist.

Christian Demény Rasmussen

Graduated with a Masters degree in Technology Based Business Development, Christian is the newest addition to the studio, starting as business developer and consultant from august 2020

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