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Read about Vizlab Studios staff members, our history, and our studio setting

Vizlab Studios is the go-to preproduction studio for game developers, communicative projects, and VR in Viborg, Denmark. Vizlab Studios has developed preproduction, concept art and games for many companies in both the private and public sector since its conception in 2017. 

Vizlab Studios is located in the entrepeneur cluster, Arsenalet, in Viborg, Denmark. Arsenalet is host to many different companies working within the visual industry from animation,  graphic design and illustration. Arsenalet shares ground with one of the best animation schools in Europe, The Animation Workshop

The Vizlab Office is located on the first floor of the right wing of Arsenalet. Vizlab works closely with Arsenalets companies, and can draw on experienced professionels to hire in for complex projects.

Andreas Husballe

andreas husballe

Andreas Husballe graduated from the Character Animation program at the Animation Workshop in Viborg in 2011. In 2014 he started company BlastLine as a freelance concept artist, and worked as an art director in the indie game development studio Amazu Media. Here he met Jannick in 2015. In 2017 they renamed Blastline to Vizlab Studios. Together they reformed the studios workflow and refined how they approached working together with clients. They found success and can boast with clients from both the private and public sector, within games, VR, concept art and other creative projects.
Andreas is the lead artist and responsible for concept development and 3D modelling at Vizlab Studios.

jannick H. Lund

Jannick H. Lund graduated from the IT University in Copenhagen in 2015 with a masters degree in game design. He worked at Amazu Media as a game designer on the game The Light Apprentice, where he met Andreas. The two later went on to work together again at Noisy Neighbours. 

Andreas and Jannick worked so well together in those companies that they decided to create their own studio. At Vizlab Studios Jannick manages the studio projects and clients, as well as doing game design, game development and programming, for different creative projects and VR-experiences for Vizlab Studios clients.

Jannick Petersen
Jeppe Mygh

Jeppe Mygh

Jeppe is the graphic designer at Vizlab Studios and a recent graduate from multimedia design in Odense. Jeppe manages and is responsible for Vizlab’s communication, website and branding. Jeppe joined the studio in january 2019 as an intern and is now a part-time freelancer whenever Vizlab needs him. In his spare time Jeppe makes illustrations and boardgames, and his work can be found here:

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