Concept Art & Visual Exploration

World Building and Concept Art EVENT for AAA-productions


29th - 30th September 2022

Visit Viborg and experience some of the World’s greatest Concept Artists and Visual Explorers, as they talk about and do live demonstrations of their methods and creative thinking at CAVE – a two-day event for you to network with other concept artists and experience artists behind great illustrations to titles like Total War: Warhammer, MARV, Eternals and much more.


Viborg Cinema
Cinema hall 3
Tingvej 4
Viborg, Denmark

This event is free, but please notice, there is a no-show fee on DKK 200,-
We encourage you to be present at all the talks and live demos, but the no-show fee only applies if you don’t show up at all.


Andreas Husballe

Owner and Creative Lead at Vizlab Studios

Markus Lenz

Art Director at NetEase Games Montréal

Maarten Hermans

Concept Designer @ Karakter Design Studio

Gavin Manners

Lead Concept Artist at Vizlab Studios

Jort Van Welbergen

Freelance Concept Artist bij Marvel Entertainment

Jeppe Mygh

Technical Concept Designer at Vizlab Studios

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CAVE: June 2022

The first event for CAVE in Viborg was hosted in the local building of creative people, Arsenalet, where Vizlab Studios also have their studio.

Here we could present amazing speakers from across the globe, with inspiring talks about their work processes and amazing journes from zero to hero in the world of concept art.

Curious about our first CAVE?

Vizlab Studios