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We scope each engagement to fit the individual studio’s needs, and use our Concept Design Framework to assist you through the different stages of your projects.

The Explorative Concept Design approach is the backbone of our Concept Design Framework. By combining concept art skills with game design and elements of design thinking Vizlab Studios create compelling visual development, world building and concept art that conveys the essence of your game and player experiences – See our projects to gain a more thorough insight in this thought process.

Our framework is based on collaboration, transparency, and an in-depth understanding of each engagement. Understanding and defining what is valuable in each project makes it possible to adapt our method and approach to your specific needs and goals.

Starting an engagement with Vizlab Studios can be divided into the following steps:

First, you contact us through our contact mail or by phone +45 71 79 30 40). We arrange a time to speak briefly about your needs, situation, and whether this is a good fit for you. If there seems to be a good fit, we take the next step.

Second, we sign a MNDA and you tell us more about the project’s specific requirements, so that we can send you a proposal based on your needs. The proposal contains three options to choose between, giving us a base to talk about for a final agreement. Through conversation we find a suitable option for the project and continue to the next step. 

Third, we send you our MSA which, as a minimum, contains a standard framework agreement, standard terms for projects, and a project specific sub agreement. The sub agreement is the project contract that contains information about detailed specifications, project plan/milestones, participation requirements, pre-requisites, success/delivery criteria, prices/estimates, and project organization. 

As a preparation for the contract you should consider the following:

Location: We work remotely and use collaboration tools to support communication, knowledge sharing and documentation. Our approach and framework are configured for this type of work, using high speed, stable, and secure internet connections, high quality video and audio-conferencing hardware, and secure and protected software collaboration tools such as Miro Enterprise and Dropbox Business. 

Our procedures, guidelines, and tools are aligned with ISO27001.

Duration: Our projects are usually 3-6 months or longer. 

Ramping up/Ramping down: Building strong, long-term relations is important to us. That’s why we usually start small. We want to make sure there’s a good match between us. Our way of figuring this out is by starting on a small scale and growing into what feels right. 

Availability: We’re always ready to start a conversation and set up an initial call to talk things through. Once we have figured out if there’s a good match between us, we can get down to business. We usually calculate with 1-6 months from first contact to project start.

Deliverables: We provide our expertise through the designs we create, and through workshops, ideation, and conversation. We document our progress, learnings, exploration, and ideation through our collaboration tool (Miro boards). All content is shared continuously and transparently, and boards can be downloaded and transferred to your studio for future reference and documentation (example).

Prerequisites: We expect that relevant materials are shared with us as soon as possible after signing a MNDA. This helps us understand the general needs and direction. Mood boards, art bibles, pitch decks and core design documents help us align and understand your art direction, creative approach, and whether we’ll be a good match for you. 

Participation: An art director, creative director, or lead artist should be involved throughout the project, to make sure the necessary creative decisions are made when needed and be able to provide critical creative feedback. We also expect that you actively participate in the planned creative workshops, management meetings, and bring qualified resources to these collaboration events. 

Cost/Pricing: As a principle, our engagements start at € 100.000 or above.

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