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Read about our work and cases within visual development, concept art and game development


Toxin Arena: Zombieshooter VR

Vizlab Studios own IP, Toxin Arena: Zombieshooter VR, is an adrenaline fueled and fast-paced VR Zombie-Shooting arcade game. In the fall of 2018, we began work on our own game, …


See our design approach when concepting game art! - By using a good workflow and communicating closely with the client, we created 100 environment designs in just 10 days for …

Artstation - Layout 02

Artstation Challenge

Learn how Andreas created and designed his world in the Artstation - Feudal Japan challenge! - As a result of using thourough research and client-minded thought process during the initial …


Real or Fake News?

Can you spot the difference between Real of Fake News? In this production we provided a VR-experience meant to educate danish students about source criticism, in an immersive story about …


SECURE – Aalborg University

Vizlab Studios have developed a prototype experience, presenting the research and findings of the SECURE-project at Aalborg University. By collaborating and working closely with the team of researchers, Vizlab Studios …

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