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Read about our work and cases within visual development, concept art and game development


Toxin Arena: Zombieshooter VR

Vizlab Studios own IP, Toxin Arena: Zombieshooter VR, is an adrenaline fueled and fast-paced VR Zombie-Shooting arcade game. In the fall of 2018, we began work on our own game, …


See our design approach when concepting game art! - By using a good workflow and communicating closely with the client, we created 100 environment designs in just 10 days for …

Artstation - Layout 02

Artstation Challenge

Learn how Andreas created and designed his world in the Artstation - Feudal Japan challenge! - As a result of using thourough research and client-minded thought process during the initial …


Rofn 2 Splashscreen

Real or Fake News 2.0

Real or fake news 2.0 During 2019 we at Vizlab Studios had the pleasure of producing the follow up to our learning experience Real or Fake News. The project was again …

Real or Fake News?

Can you spot the difference between Real of Fake News? In this production we provided a VR-experience meant to educate danish students about source criticism, in an immersive story about …


SECURE – Aalborg University

Vizlab Studios have developed a prototype experience, presenting the research and findings of the SECURE-project at Aalborg University. By collaborating and working closely with the team of researchers, Vizlab Studios …

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