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Secure, Aalborg university

We had the pleasure to work on communicating the SECURE-project with a team of scientists and researchers at Aalborg University in Denmark in the start of 2019. A part of the project is to communicate findings in new and innovative ways. 

What is secure?

SECURE (Secure Estimation and Control using Recursion and Encryption) is a research project being developed at AAU (Aalborg University).

SECURE aims to research and develop solutions for managing data, and privacy in modern electrical and infrastructural grids. 

As a part of the project, the research team was tasked with presenting their findings in new and innovative ways, and hired Vizlab Studios to make an immersive and interactive presentation in VR.


In order to be able to present a subject as complex as decentralized data in cyber-physical systems, we needed to be able to understand the project. By meeting with some of the reasearchers, and having a talk about what problems they were trying to solve, we figured out, that we needed to create a story and a setting for the presentation, while still being true to the research itself. 

Later on we held two graphic workshops, where the entire research team were invited. The goal of these projects was to reach a common ground for what the VR-experience would communicate.  Over the the course of these workshops we facilitated brainstorming sessions, idea-creation and helped the research team visualize their ideas. 

Shortly after the workshops concluded we were able to create a storyboard over the experience, and confirm the setting for the experience with the research team. 


With the storyboard finished, we were able to begin work on the digital prototype. We created the prototype with the project scope in mind, which meant that the prototype was to be created and delivered for testing purposes within a couple of weeks. 

Originally we meant to deliver a “greybox”-prototype, meaning that the in-game assets would be without materials, but we had room in our deadline, and decided to hand over a digital prototype with basic materials, functionality, animations and speak in both english and danish. 

 By handing over a more complex prototype than originally envisioned, the research team at AAU was able to see the experience closer to what it can be when fully developed. 

What’s next?

In this first stage of the project with SECURE we were able to deliver a digital prototype of the VR-experience the research team envisioned. Next stage in the SECURE-project is to develop the prototype further with visually stunning and supporting graphics, assets and animations, to make the experience further immersive. The research team, was kind enough to give a few words of their experience with this project:

“It has been an incredibly inspiring and pleasant experience to work together with Andreas and Jannick from Vizlab Studios. We wanted to communicate and create a discussion about, how a pretty complex data-encryption technology could function in the future – and at the same time it was our first time working with VR. Andreas and Jannick directed a large team of researchers through two succesful, graphically facilitated workshops, where the drawings created some interesting and good discussions. all-in-all a superb, succesfully facilitated creative process!”

We wish the SECURE-team all the best in the future, and hope to collaborate in phase two of the project with them again!

– Vizlab Studios

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